Steven - Special Needs

When Steven was two years old he suffered a stroke that left him paralysed down the right side of his body. 

One side of his body doesn’t work well , but the other side works real well, his determination is to be admired by all who meet him.  When he rides he doesn’t limp he just smiles. Steven has been riding at Kurrajong Park for 5 years, he can rising trot, sometimes canter and complete a show jumping course. Steve is now in his fifties, he has progressed through different horses but his favourite at present  is Steady Eddy.  When people come to see Steve ride they often have tears in their eyes, it is a special moment for us all. Steve competed last year at the United International Horse Show in Malaysia riding on a borrowed horse with his instructor Libby by his side. If you go to the Media section on Kurrajong Park you will be able to read more about his trip. Steve likes to be known as the Ring-a-ding-king of riding with special needs, with a big smile on his face.