Kurrajong Park Equestrian Centre has been a second home for Lacy. At 18 month she started in the pony club groups, and has always tried to keep up with the older kids and copy them.

She is extremely determined and independent, catching her pony, riding her  pony bareback, brushing and grooming the pony. There is often a tantrum if she doesn’t get to clean out the ponies feet, put the saddle cloth and saddle on herself.

Lacy did her first day clinic at 4 years old and loved every part of it. Jockey Lacy rode big Steady Eddy in the jockey pad and we couldn’t get the smile off her face .She kept up with the big kids doing games, playing follow the leader and braved the apple and straw with the big kids.

She can ride by herself, trotting and steering, doing the games and smiling. Lacy has cantered but still on a  lead. She has had a very successful show season winning rider classes 6 years and under, turnout and leading rein classes on our school pony LLanfairbryn Cumquat. There is no stopping Lacy at present and is just so keen, she has already booked herself in as a helper at Kurrajong Park when she turns 12 years old, she cant wait!