Working with Special Needs

Libby which owns and operates Kurrajong Park Equestrian Centre loves the challenge of helping and teaching people with special needs.   Known by some as the “Queen of Special Needs” Libby is highly sought after in the North East for her expert riding instruction, innovative methods and endless patience.   She has both determination and love to succeed and often wears her heart on her sleeve. Many of the special need clients can not wait to get here, to be with the horses and Libby is a big part of their life.                                                                

Libby says autistic children which are non verbal, when they start horse riding they often start to vocalise and speak more.  It is the movement of the horse she explains.  Its heaven for them.                                      
Libby explains with the more violent or difficult rider she rides with them, they have to catch me on the other horse if they want to swing a punch. She enjoys the challenge of all sorts of clients, her determination and sleepless nights, working out the next step are challenging and very fulfilling for her.                                        

Libby instructs some youths struggling with self esteem problems, stemming from bullying or other issues.    She has seen many clients develop great self esteem through learning to ride. Clients need to compromise and work with the horse to achieve and reap the rewards of success.

Please take time to view the rider profiles and photos of some of Libbys special needs clients.  Unfortunately some of her clients are unable to be photographed as they are under child protection but she is so very proud of their achievements.