Individual/private horse riding lessons

A private horse riding lesson with Libby is for 1 hour.                                                              
The time includes catching your horse/pony, grooming and saddling.

Lets face it if you are going to buy your own horse one day you do need to know how to prepare your horse before riding.

You ride your horse/pony for approximately 45 minutes and the lesson is finished when the horse is unsaddled, washed down and put back in its paddock.  

Libby tailors her riding lesson to the clients requirements. That is if you are a total beginner and just want to trail ride one day, she will show you some great survival skills so that life is easier to stay on the horse. Maybe you are wanting to camp draft or chase cattle, you need to learn the correct canter lead for safety.

Maybe you have bought your child a pony and you need some help  to get your child riding better.  All these things can be addressed in a individual private lesson.

Sometimes people feel more comfortable riding by themselves and can ask more questions, stop and have a chat about your riding etc.