Group horse riding lessons

We find our 2 hour pony club/saddle club groups are very popular, these are for all age riders and abilities. As previously mentioned the usual procedure of catching, grooming saddling etc takes place first. In these groups there is usually 4-6 riders and before they mount their horse/pony it is led to the sand arena for a gear check for safety.

In particular the girth may need tightening before mounting. We have very young riders at 2 ½ years through to mature age adults. These 2 hour  group lessons are very popular for the young children.

They learn very quickly as each rider has their own helper/buddy to guide them with their pony.  There is lots and lots of fun games on their ponies to participate in and enjoy.  There is also a small show jumping course numbered with 10 show jumps of all different colours to get them up and going.

Young children usually learn much quicker by visual, they watch the other kids rising trot, then they pick it up so quick. The same applies with steering and doing the games.  We also have older and more advanced riders in other groups for the two hours as well.