About Us

Elizabeth Green, better known as “Libby’’ in her 50’s has had a lifetime in the horse industry.  Rising trot and cantering by herself on a horse at the age of three and a half years old, she has competed regularly all her life.

Libby has won numerous Champions and Supremes at State and Royal level.

Libby now passes on much of her skills and knowledge to some 30-60 students a week as they attend riding lessons at her popular Equestrian Centre, Kurrajong Park, which is located at the foot hills of the Warby Ranges in North East Victoria.  Libby has up to 20 students on her books at present under 6 years of age that have learnt to ride capably by themselves.  Her great demand requires Libby to work 7 days a week but her passion and enthusiasm for teaching people to ride gives her the strength to do this.

Tailoring her lessons for each client’s requirements shows through in her love for riders with special needs and disabilities, as well as young children.  She thrives on a good challenge, and has great patience and determination to get the best out of every rider.  Libby holds the Diploma of Equine Performance Management plus many more awards she has picked up on her journey.
Libby’s lessons are enthusiastic, entertaining and keen with every minute.  Her aim is a happy and fun lesson and is a big kid herself, giving her riders the encouragement and confidence to feel proud of all of their big and small achievements.
She has amazing methods and techniques to make horse riding simple and easy for anyone to do.  What does “a glass of water”, “pushing a pram”, “getting out of a chair” mean?  Well you will have to come and see what the answer is.

Horse riding lessons and procedure at kurrajong park equestrian centre
1.    Australian standard association horse riding boots and helmets are supplied.
2.    When horse riding you are required to wear a  t-shirt or shirt or jumper, no singlet tops allowed for safety reasons. Then trousers, jodphurs, track pants, jeans or leggings required,  shorts  are not permitted to ride horses.
3.    You will be required to learn to catch your pony/horse with a headstall and lead back to tie up area.
4.    You will have the opportunity to learn to tie up your pony/horse, groom and clean out feet.
5.    We like you to learn if you do not know already how to saddle and bridle your pony/horse. 
6.    Libby and or a helper are only too happy to teach you how to do the above things if you are unsure….that is what we are here for, to teach you as much as possible about horses.
7.    If you want to hire a horse, just ride a horse or a trail ride, sorry you are at the wrong place. However we can teach you some life skills, so you enjoy your trail ride more next time you go.
8.    Please bring your own drink bottle and sunscreen, if it is cold and wet don’t forget your jacket or parka as it can be cold and windy out here.
9.    Libby assesses horses/ponies for people before purchase, matching pony/horse to rider. It is always great to have a second opinion.
10.    You are welcome to bring your own horse/pony or you can use our school ponies.
11.    Mounting platform and rails available for easy mounting of your horse.